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Practical Space-Saving Appliances for Every Small Kitchen Owner

Did you know for the last 50 years that the average American kitchen size has only increased by 80 feet? Though this might be good news for some homeowners, most homeowners will have to agree that they can benefit more from their kitchen spaces with more counter space.

Many homeowners want a bigger kitchen; however, it would be impractical to get a new home just for this reason. If you want to add more space to your kitchen area, though, you can choose handy kitchen appliances instead. Read more here for a list of practical space-saving appliances for every small kitchen owner now!

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker: This product is perfect for small kitchen owners who cannot live a day without drinking a cup of coffee or two. Just like other pod coffee makers, however, expect to pay higher for this appliance. Nonetheless, you can save more in the long run if you keep on making coffee at home. Also, one of the reasons for the popularity of this appliance is its very small size. If you need to free some space in your kitchen, this product will not take up much room. Also, you can make coffee faster with this one. For more in-depth facts about this coffee maker, click for more info.

Instant Pot Multi-Cooker: It is not at all surprising why you often see the Instant Pot DUO60 7-in-1 6 Quart Multi-Cooker from your social media feeds. What might surprise you about this product is that it is not as costly as you may think. Besides, if you buy one online, you only need to pay less than $100. When your kitchen counter has no more space for an instant pot, you can easily store this appliance inside your kitchen cabinet. Click here to buy this product.

Sharp Microwave: No small kitchen space will never be complete without a microwave. Though microwaves always take space, you don’t have to worry about the Sharp SMC0710BB/BW Microwave. If you are looking for the tiniest microwave in the market, this is the product to beat. As a bonus, this microwave is great for defrosting any frozen meals you have. When you want these appliances for your kitchen, view here for more.

Panasonic Toaster Oven: The Panasonic FlashXpress NB-G110P is the toaster oven to beat if you need one that is the most efficient. Despite the fact that it is bigger than your typical toaster, it is tiny enough compared to your microwave. Moreover, toaster ovens perform so much better than a typical microwave. Besides heating leftover food, you can bake cookies and broil hamburgers with the Panasonic Toaster Oven. You can also bake a pizza in no time. Baking muffins is also possible with this toaster oven.